Digital currencies.
All for one and one for all.

Digital currencies. All for one and one for all.
With the opportunity to look at many companies involved in the crypto industry, with the eyes of an outsider, you could see a huge number of young, beautiful, educated, and enthusiastic people. People who are creating a whole new industry, they say. People who communicate in their closed community and are very close у to all new contacts. But this can be understood, since they still work with money, which is any cryptocurrency.

But what is wrong in this closed community of young and beautiful people? Long story short - they have no leadership; they have no development plan and they have no vision for the future. They behave as they said in a famous book by a French writer, all for one and one for all. But this is not enough to create a new industry. But this is quite enough to create a threat to the global economy.

We described the reasons in the article ‘An Open Letter to Biden-Harris Administration What is happening with the Global Financial System?’ and mentioned that the displayed cryptocurrency market capitalization of two trillion dollars, in our opinion, is underestimated by at least two times.

I described my personal experience of contacting a scammer who gladly received payment for listing a project on the stock exchange, and how a real scammer began to demand more money without fulfilling what he promised.

But I remembered this example because the display of statistics of this scammer's wallet miraculously changed downward after a few weeks. And since any fraudster can distort crypto statistics, then the owners of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges can do it much more efficiently.

We have already described earlier what exactly is happening in the cryptocurrency market and how it affects the global economy with a huge flow of money that is not controlled by anything and no one, causing inflation and growing social inequality.

And to explain to everyone the scale of this threat to the social and political systems of many countries of the world, it is actually quite enough to watch the video below. One of the successful, beautiful, and gifted young people we described above shows how, by copying a ready-made code, any person in half an hour can set up a bot that will generate 40 percent of profit per day.

Many of us are confused by terms and unknown words, so it is necessary to explain what exactly is happening in this video. The young and enthusiastic programmer who created this bot will tell you that this bot was created for cryptocurrency arbitrage. Whatever those words mean, it doesn't matter at all. Something else is important.

This is a bot that, using some algorithms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, generates 40 percent of the profit in 24 hours. At the beginning of the video for trading cryptocurrencies, the performer credits 1 Ethereum to the account, after 24 hours the amount increases by 40 percent. This is the main thing, everything else is verbal tinsel.

The so-called new solutions created today by countless crypto startups, which many of them refer to as ‘Bridges’, are essentially fixes for bugs in the code made by previous developers. At the same time, these developers, in the process uncontrolled and without a plan for the future development of even their products, not to mention the entire industry, produce new errors in the program code.

Using these mistakes, third programmers create such bots that allow them to “generate” 40% profit per day. This “generation” means that the money actually invested by someone will be received through such a bot and cashed out.

That is why any company that decides to get invested in crypto must understand all the risks that crypto carries today. The uncontrolled development of software that generates money, this nightmare of any bank employee, is now a reality.

And everyone who was convinced otherwise by handsome and eloquent managers can simply open the listing of crypto exchanges and see how many “bridge” projects of various levels to various protocols appear every month. All these companies, aimed at correcting the mistakes made by other companies, provided that they are crystal honest and have the best intentions, create just such bots.

Someone may ask why the author of this article does not put himself a bot and start generating profits without sharing this information with anyone. There are two reasons for this. My age and understanding of how far this situation has gone.

Unlike young timeservers who are not concerned about tomorrow, I do not have time for a business that will inevitably end tomorrow. Quietly and without a scandal or with a loud global pop of a bursting crypto bubble, but this moment is already near.

Despite the absence of global institutions controlling crypto, it does intersect with real life in the form of an increase in the income of companies that have attracted crypto funding, in the form of a stream of cashing out of funds, which is usually correlated with the total money supply. Already today, the results of the inflation of the crypto bubble are reflected in real life. In the form of a message from a Senator Janet L. Yellen describing how the country will soon run out of cash. In the form of the inevitable bankruptcy of companies that have not received crypto funding, but cannot compete with those who have received such an opportunity, including the benefits of no taxation on capital growth. In the form of hundreds of other reasons that are not disclosed in this article.

Can this bubble grow indefinitely? Will it inevitably be stopped to avoid the collapse of the financial, social, and political systems of many countries of the world? A rhetorical question. Only one fact can be added to all that has been said above. There have been various financial bubbles in world history. Bubbles in the real estate market and the market for consumer goods or services.

But for the first time in the history of the world, a bubble has been created in which each company creates its own money and starts recklessly putting it into circulation in the financial market, each programmer can start generating 40 percent of the profit per day, and everyone turns a blind eye to it. As the saying goes: "One for all and all for one."

June 02 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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