An open letter to investigative journalists.
We want to report a crime.

Hello. I want to report a crime. Since I am only one person, only the community of investigative journalists can help in investigating this crime.

Is my appeal correct and are investigative journalists ready to investigate the crime? I don’t know. I hope so.

The essence of the crime is as follows. Some people who manage the following Twitter accounts: @BinanceUS @BinanceHelpDesk @fbi @cia@cryptonews @decryptmedia @SECGov have committed a crime that is a criminal offense in any country in the world. In this Twitter thread, I described financial fraud and tagged these Twitter accounts.

I warned them about the responsibility for not reporting the crime and asked them to report it to law enforcement. None of these people who viewed my messages responded to me or reported the crime!

That is a crime in itself. Since I did this publicly and openly, there is no need to prove the existence of my message, everyone can open this thread and verify its existence. I am also attaching a screenshot of the statistics, which shows that before the publication of this article, the entire branch was opened and read to the end by 75 people. This is important for understanding exactly how many people violated the law before my appeal to investigative journalists.

I want to clarify. The information I provided in the above Twitter thread is not being discussed at the moment. I reported my suspicions of a crime. I warned the people who run Twitter about the responsibility for not reporting a crime. In any country in the world, this is a crime.

At the moment, regardless of the accuracy of the information I provided (this is a topic for a separate investigation), I want to draw your attention to this simple fact:
  1. I publicly provided information about the commission of a crime
  2. I warned about the responsibility for not reporting a crime
  3. Neither one of the 75 people who read my tweet to the very end wrote a word asking for clarification of some information and, consequently, did not report this crime.

This fact in itself is a violation of the law and requires investigation and appropriate action. Otherwise, any person who has read this appeal, any person out of more than 4667 who have seen my message, will understand that in the modern world, laws do not work, there is no justice, and any illegal act can be committed in the firm belief that there is no responsibility.

Indeed, in addition to the feeling of helplessness and insecurity, which causes the silence of all people who read this message, each reader has a feeling that all actions and attempts to stop any crime are useless. Everyone who reads this Tweet and sees the absence of any reaction from the thousands of people who viewed it will think that, having heard or seen with their own eyes some kind of crime, the only right decision is to turn away and walk past.

It is the absence of any kind of reaction that gives us this feeling of helplessness and the conviction that any evil is stronger, anyone who breaks the law has the right to do so and it is useless to fight it. This silence and lack of response undermines the foundations of legislation in any country and causes incredible damage to society, provoking fraudsters to further commit crimes, and so-called citizens to further silent cooperation and consent to any crime.

Before publishing this letter, I sent a copy of it to several hundred investigative journalists. My main verified account @foundnationfund was banned from Twitter without the possibility of regaining access (possibly a technical failure and a coincidence). But this very strange technical error (I published it on Twitter) does not allow me to restore access to the account. Twitter hasn’t responded to inquiries for three weeks. So I bought Twitter Blue… I do not want another technical failure to interfere with your investigation, which, I very much hope, will inevitably follow the publication of this letter.

However, even now you can make sure that the Aething Inc. account I specified is managed by my verified account (the company profile says ‘Automated’ and indicates which account manages this account). A verified account confirms my identity, has been verified by Twitter, and is unlikely to cause anyone doubts about the authenticity of this appeal.

Someone’s emotional reaction or a banal software failure can again lead to the blocking of any Twitter account, therefore, for the convenience of journalists, I continue to send out this letter by e-mail and publish a copy of it on Medium and Reddit resources. My main Twitter Blue account, which confirms that it is run by a verified person, is blocked, I cannot write this message from him.
The Binance and Binance Help Desk account not only saw and read my messages but also blocked my Twitter account. Yes, a company claiming the right to be a financial institution blocks its client’s account. This seems counterintuitive and unbelievable, but it’s true, I’m attaching the screenshots.

Therefore, given the endless number of such ‘technical failures’, I took the above actions and several other actions to prevent the blocking or disappearance of this information from the public field.

To avoid the influence of my own momentary emotions on the conduct of this investigation and to prevent the possibility of deleting these articles, I donated an old phone (finally useful!). I deleted the mailbox with which I created accounts. I changed the passwords for the Medium and Reddit sites on my old phone and threw the phone in the trash. So you can always find this article on Medium and Reddit resources, even if all my Twitter accounts are blocked.

But of course, I advise you to take screenshots of all messages yourself, since Twitter technical failures are not uncommon lately. I am sure that there is a technical possibility to check who exactly read the message about the crime I provided to the end and did not report it. In any case, to clarify this, it is enough to contact the indicated organizations and find out who exactly managed the account on that day, which you can view in the account that has not yet been blocked by Twitter.

Also, to anticipate possible doubts about the reliability of the information I provided, I can explain that for two years I have been looking for funding for my project and have applied to investment funds, then to the crypto industry. For two years I have been investigating this issue and analyzing the events taking place. Considering that in a couple of years, I will be 50 years old and I have more than 25 years of business experience, at least the information I have given deserves an adult approach and consideration. I also reported this in my Twitter correspondence to all the people responsible for the commission of the crime I described.

I am grateful in advance to all who responded to my request. Also, I will be glad to any councils and responses. For example, is it worth publishing the entire list of investigative journalists to whom I have already sent this request, or is it enough to publish this open letter?

With hope for your help in the aspiration to make our world a better place.
And two last things. My analysis of hundreds of projects published over the past month on crypto exchanges showed that not one (!!!) of the published projects is designed for profit. This means that anyone who invests in crypto will certainly lose it. Nevertheless, exchanges publish hundreds of them. Why?

What can the investigation community do now? I found that some crypto startups were bought immediately after they went public. This is possible only for two reasons: these startups were created to withdraw money, or their owners were offered a large amount for the buyout of the company. How many of these companies were sold immediately after listing? This can only be found out by the community.

And the second thing. Immediately after I started commenting on Twitter about newly emerging companies with a description that they were not intended to make a profit at all and they were fake, some of these companies closed. How long for? I don’t know. But I tried for two months to ask all the new companies how long it took them to go public. None of them answered. Why?

Because they were too busy to answer? Or because it took them several days to get out? Or because they were busy with the mass withdrawal of money and they had no time? I don’t know. But not a single (!!!) newly released company responded to my comments. If we imagine that these are young and self-confident founders of a startup, then they are obliged to answer and challenge my statements and try to explain what they meant.

Of course, if your company is fake and is designed only to steal money, then you don’t want to answer my accusations. There are no other explanations.

But you can ask them yourself.

Aething Inc.

APRIL, 04 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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