An open letter to Senator Sherrod Brown

Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Senator Sherrod Brown

Carbon Copy: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Binance US CEO Brian Shroder

As part of the previously proposed algorithm for transforming the crypto-currency market into a single financial instrument for revitalizing the global economy, our company has begun implementing the first project - launching a technological project that changes the technological capabilities of the global market for video surveillance systems, both in the field of video surveillance and in the field of machine vision systems. Considering the current situation with the attitude of society towards digital currencies, the creation of a successful project based on the introduction of digital currency will not only strengthen the reputation of the crypto-currency market at a time but also create prerequisites for the further development of technology.

Following the previously given industry development plan described in the article ‘Crypto. Past. The present. Future. we are forming a single technological community around the single currency of the global advertising market. The solution we proposed for using the AeCash digital currency as a tool for stable financing of the construction industry will also allow us to combine the advantages of a new advertising tool, which will be the Aething mobile application, with the possibility of consolidating advertising budgets and reinvesting them in the construction of new housing.

The closed cycle of the proposed ecosystem of a single digital currency AeCash will not only consolidate the financial resources of the advertising and construction markets but also maintain a decentralized system of distributed cryptocurrencies and will use the existing variety of cryptocurrency projects for the seamless transformation of a single digital currency AeCash into fiat currencies of all countries of the world. The independence and decentralization of existing solutions will ensure the fastest implementation of this project and will ensure the mutual compatibility of technical solutions, regardless of their territorial or national affiliation.

The key to success in the further implementation of the described ecosystem of the advertising market and the construction industry is the success of the launch project of the AeCash single digital currency concept to revitalize the entire technology industry and accelerate growth for manufacturers of all types of video cameras, as well as developers of video analytics and machine vision systems. It should also be noted that, given the current geopolitical situation and the increase in defense budgets of all countries of the world, the development of the Pterygota Marker launch project will simultaneously strengthen the security systems of all countries of the world and provide a new unsurpassed level of early warning of threats, which will also give impetus to the development of the retail market and the creation of products and services aimed at the clients.

The existing banking system, which has unique capabilities for user identification, can act as a guarantor for the implementation of this project. The key role of the banking sector in this project is also due to their unique experience in creating uninterrupted heterogeneous computer systems for the exchange of financial information, which is currently the most underdeveloped point in the development of the cryptocurrency market. The banking sector's joint use of the single digital currency AeCash will allow combining the best world practices and invaluable experience of the global financial system with innovative solutions for the rapidly developing digital currency market.

This, in turn, creates the prerequisites not only for the growth of the global economy, the development of the construction industry, and the possibility of co-financing projects for construction and advertising projects but also due to the priority return to the end consumer of the funds of the entire advertising market, for the first time in the world history of human development, it will strengthen financial expectations of the population and will provide an opportunity to manage the timing of inflationary downturns and upswings of the global economy. This includes providing global financial institutions with a previously unavailable opportunity for invasive regulation of individual sectors of the economy without affecting related industries or all financial market participants.

We thank everyone who responded to our proposed AeCash single digital currency project and would like to apologize for the impossibility at the moment of personal contact with each project participant due to a sharp increase in the number of requests for participation in the project. To accelerate the implementation of this project, it is necessary to provide equal access for all market participants to investment opportunities while maintaining the liquidity of investments.

To this end, it is necessary to assist with the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for the immediate organization of the technical possibility of converting the single currency of the AeCash advertising market into the main world digital currencies, namely: BTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, LTC, DAI, BCH, APE, SHIB, USDT, MATIC.

CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul

An open letter to Senator Sherrod Brown
May 01 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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