An Open Letter to the Personnel of Binance US and Coinbase Global.

Aething Inc will pay out 1,000,000 AeCash tokens, equivalent to $10 million in one year.

We submitted an application for listing our token in December 2022, I received confirmation from the Binance US staff that our application was received. This means that our token will inevitably be published.

And due to the fact that you have a lot of applications for listing, our application has not yet been considered. In accordance with US law, we may offer you a fee to expedite the listing process.

An Open Letter to the Personnel of Binance US and Coinbase.
Why are we doing this? Our token should help fund the creation of software for the Pterygota Marker project, which is designed to detect drones. And that could save a lot of lives right now, as you know there's a war going on. But your management does not know about our project, otherwise, we are sure that such a project would have been immediately published. In this regard, we will pay 1 million AeCash tokens to whoever informs their management about our project and describes why we consider it the most urgent in front of many other equally promising applications, but not so urgent.

All you have to do is communicate the project to your management and describe why it is urgent. Once you've done that, just type 'Done' under this tweet. Why do we ask to publicly write 'Done'? Because the rest of your colleagues from other companies may consider that we do not keep our word. We see no other way to confirm that our request has already been fulfilled, and the reputation of the company is the most valuable thing.

Only one person who will talk about our project and be the first to write 'Done' will receive payment. We thank you in advance for your assistance in developing such a project that is needed today and could save thousands of lives right now. We posted a copy of this letter on the AeCash Token official website.

May 11 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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