A Conversation with a Metaphorical Mark Zuckerberg
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A Conversation with a Metaphorical Mark Zuckerberg
The incredible possibilities that Apple Vision Pro opens up for us, described in the previous article, gave me a metaphorical opportunity to have a virtual conversation with Mark Zuckerberg. Putting on Vision Pro and finding myself in the same conference room with Mark himself, I would just say to him: Hello Mark, what the hell is going on in your company? As we remember, we are in a metaphorical Universe with a virtual Mark. Not with the real Mark, unattainable for us, but with my own, with Mark close to me, because you can express such juicy words only with your loved ones, with those whom we trust.

So what's going on at Meta Platform Inc today? I haven't used Facebook for a long time or by the modern name Meta Platforms. My experience is unlikely to be applicable to those who actively use this application. My impression of today's Meta is that it's a semi-mature company with the same support issues as crypto exchanges, but at least there is already a compliance department that responds to messages.

At least this is the conclusion I made from trying to work in the Facebook application, the account which was blocked immediately after the insistent offer of some active manager who tried to offer a job in Meta. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but contacting the compliance department helped and a few days later the account was unblocked. This is hardly a widespread practice at Meta, but it certainly does not bring satisfaction from using this tool to those who make their living from it.

But let's get back to what is actually happening at the Meta. It is actively growing in all directions, developing various directions from a business manager and technologies for improving advertising to creating virtual worlds and financing such projects. As we noted earlier in the article What is a company's reputation, the task of the company's management is to think about the future and control where the company develops. Is the development of virtual worlds, not the right decision? Of course not.

People need to be distracted from difficulties, that's what music and movies, reading, and games give us. And somewhere in this virtual world is the Meta Platform, which is looking for its place and purpose. I would not dare to give advice to the real Mark, but to the metaphorical Mark in my virtual world in the easy chair of the meeting room, with my feet on the table and twisting a nicotine-free cigar in my hands, I would advise Mark to pay attention to our 5Y DeHome Project, which is in dire need of a virtual world that will help our clients create virtual housing plans, which will later become a real embodiment in our community.

Create meeting rooms in which people can conduct business negotiations and workshops. In this New Metaverse, everyone could bring to life the furniture chosen in the virtual world based on their preferences or budget. Quickly furnish rooms with Ikea furniture or create a unique gothic-style interior with custom-made furniture, choose various useful little things in the accessories store that will make life even better, from one of the millions of private manufacturers specializing in additions and accessories to IKEA furniture or just to any home or apartments.

And an incredible opportunity not only to see how this or that thing will look in the interior but also the opportunity to evaluate its practical application and necessity for some time, will help us not to make rash purchases in the physical world.

This is the strategy I would advise Mark and would say goodbye to him before the next meeting in the virtual world with a wave of the hand instead of a firm handshake accepted in the physical world. Good luck with your company in uniting our worlds, Mark!

June 28 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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