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On the introduction of cryptocurrency taxation

Crypto exchange by Aething Inc. On the introduction of cryptocurrency taxation

The cryptocurrency exchange unilaterally supports the proposal of Aething Inc to introduce taxation of cryptocurrencies. In order to separate assets owned by private investors and assets invested in cryptocurrencies by legal entities, we support this proposal and encourage all private investors to invest in the Pterygota Marker project by August 01, 2023.

All funds of legal entities can be invested in the Aething App project tax-free no later than August 01, 2023. All funds invested in other projects will be treated as corporate funds and will be subject to a 15% tax on the transfer, similar to the single tax for technology companies.

This tax will be used to support the infrastructure of crypto-currencies, including training and support for crypto-currency exchanges that carry out the initial selection of business projects; combating fraud in the field of cryptocurrencies; harmonization of technical and legislative initiatives for the further development of a unified legal and legislative interpretation of cryptocurrencies; support for mining and ensure the technical compatibility of cryptocurrencies to organize a single payment space.

Update (16.05.2023). The deal for the purchase of the CryptoCom trademark did not take place due to the lack of provision of the requested information.
May 29 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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