To the personnel. For immediate execution.
29 May, 2023

Due to the takeover by Aething Inc. Foris DAX Asia and the transfer of ownership of the trademark to the American corporation Aething Inc., a comprehensive audit of the company's activities will be carried out in order to establish the involvement of the company's personnel in illegal activities in the mass creation of fake user accounts in the application.

This violation caused massive damage to the company's shareholders, who are essentially private investors, whom the company did not notify of the non-public creation of fake accounts. Also, this investigation is designed to establish the possibility of mass use of fake accounts to violate US sanctions laws.

To the personnel. For immediate execution.
29 May, 2023
To Departments:

Security Department to ensure the safety of company-owned computer equipment used by employees for any activity related to the activities of

Marketing Department to negotiate the purchase of Data Investigation and Forensic services with Delaware Consulting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

The Internal Infrastructure Department will provide Aething Inc with the contact details of the company's administrators.

Provide the HR department with a list of all employees, including a list of laid-off employees for the period 2018-2023.

All information and reports should be sent to the restructuring department by e-mail:

All employees continue to work as usual. All those who are not related to the violations described above continue to work in the company.

Update (16.05.2023). The deal for the purchase of the CryptoCom trademark did not take place due to the lack of provision of the requested information.

May 29 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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