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Cryptocurrency. CEO optimization.
This is the same article that everyone interested in cryptocurrencies has been waiting for so long. To find this article on Google, you must quote the 'CEO optimization' query to exclude 'SEO' (Search engine optimization) queries. But this article will focus on both CEO optimization and SEO so that it will be of interest to people of any age and profession. You just need to read this article to the end, it will take you no more than three minutes and fourteen seconds (that's how long the clip at the bottom of the page lasts).

So, let's turn to the title of this article and find out what CEO (Chief executive officer) optimization is. In any company, the way is set by its management, that is, the CEO of the company. And I am sure that today (June 2023) the cryptocurrency industry is in dire need of CEO optimization. Let's take a look at what's happening in the cryptocurrency market today. Recently, everyone could notice a heated discussion of the attack on the crypto market by regulators, particularly by the SEC. However, many viewers of this "attack" had an intuitive feeling of some kind of pretense and the feeling that this was some kind of show. I am sure that you need to trust your intuition and here's why.

The industry regulator in the form of the SEC is loudly accusing Coinbase and Binance cryptocurrencies exchanges of not complying with stock trading laws. What is wrong with this accusation? The first impression is that this is all-black PR. There is a misconception that black PR is still PR. But this statement is completely wrong, black PR creates temporary advertising, but in the long run, always leads to a damaged company's reputation, so you should not use it for someone who cares about reputation. To prove this fact, we will return to the question of what is wrong with this accusation of the SEC.

Let's start with one strange coincidence. As you can see in the screenshots published at the end of the article, four employees of the SEC will take part in the dispute about whether the crypto exchanges violated the law on stock trading. The Binance company's lawyer Richard Grime (Grime is a former US SEC Enforcement Division Assistant Director) and Zhao lawyer William R. Baker (Baker is a former US SEC Enforcement Division Associate Director.), Bill McLucas (McLucas is a legendary former US SEC Director of Enforcement) and the SEC official representative Matthew Scarlato, (former US DOJ civil prosecutor).

So, all four employees of the SEC will publicly discuss whether crypto exchanges have violated the law, while all four know the answer to this question for sure. Since it is not legally approved whether digital currencies are shares or not (the statement made earlier by the SEC itself does not have the status of a law), discussion of this issue is absolutely useless, since the answer is known in advance.

But let's leave these highly paid respected people free to do what they love and get back to the CEOs of the major crypto exchanges that are paying for this show. Does the dear reader of this article think that the CEO of the most significant companies in this industry should deal with the issue of regulating cryptocurrencies? I also agree with your opinion, it is the CEO of these companies, who have a huge number of employees and financial resources for this, that could change the situation.

However, let's look at the reaction of the CEO data to the accusations, which have no legal force. Do they raise the issue that these accusations are groundless? The unequivocal answer is NO. Do they offer any steps to resolve this issue and a plan for further development of the entire industry? The unequivocal answer is NO. Each of us will have a reasonable question - why don't they do it? Because they are satisfied with the current state of things or because they do not understand what is happening and do not have enough competencies to do so?

I am sure that, having started to clarify this issue, we will delay the solution of existing problems for many years. Therefore, the best solution today would be to optimize the CEO in the form of a change in the management of these companies to those people who have a vision and understanding of the development of the entire industry. And this is exactly what is happening right now before our very eyes. Someone using the principle of "shake it till you make it" started to shake this industry to show what is really happening in the cryptocurrency market today, and whoever it was, but he succeeded. Now everyone understands what needs to be done. It remains to understand how exactly to do this.

We also have an answer to this question. To clarify its validity, we must make a small digression and show the reader why SEO site optimization is still so important and necessary for anyone, including the crypto industry. Those who are not interested in optimization can immediately skip to the end of the article.

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So, we dealt with the issue of SEO optimization and return to the question of how to implement CEO optimization and how to do it. We will show this with a real example and return to the comparison of CEO and SEO optimization again. Each of us can post an article on the Internet, agree? We even came up with a unique way to make this article permanent. But this is not enough to produce both CEO optimization and SEO optimization of a cryptocurrency project.

So, for example, we created an article about the acquisition by our company of the Crypto dot Com cryptocurrency exchange. To be more precise, about its redemption in the process of forced bankruptcy for refusing to return the financial assets belonging to us. But did we become the owners of this exchange after that, or did people find out about the article you posted on the Internet? Not yet. But we have already done everything to make this happen and can wait for the next update of Google databases. And you can speed up this process if you don't want to wait months. To do this, just ask people to post your article on their social networks. But to do this, you must offer your users something in return. Let's explain with an example.

For example, let's ask everyone to post An open letter to Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong on yours social media. What will it give us and all users? This will help us fulfill our intention of acquiring this company more quickly by refusing to return our assets for more than four months. But what will it give to any user who posts this appeal on their social networks or retweets our tweet? In the case of the acquisition of this exchange by our company, we will be able to fulfill the dream of each of the users of cryptocurrencies, to make crypto owned by people.
Indeed, through investment in the Pterygota Marker project, everyone will get the opportunity to build a house in the 5Y DeHome Community, which will be owned by Aething Inc. Thus, each of us will be able to build a house and become co-owner of one of the three main crypto exchanges. And in this case, we can all together turn to the staff of Coinbase and Binance companies so that they support our appeal on the CEO optimization of their companies, so that they remember who exactly is the real owner of these companies, these are the people working there. And these people can express distrust of the existing CEOs of companies by supporting our appeal to the owners of these companies. Or by writing a similar message to the Binance and Coinbase staff.

Each of us dreamed of doing something significant and something heroic in our lives. And today, everyone has such an opportunity, which is given to each of us, perhaps once in a lifetime. Make one retweet of this tweet and repost this article on your social networks. This will help CEO optimize the entire cryptocurrency industry, enable each of us to become a real owner of cryptocurrencies and show the importance of SEO optimization as the most important marketing tool in digital advertising.

And any person who is not interested in SEO optimization and cannot find this article on our website will remain in the dark. But each of us will know that he has done something so unique in his life that you can not tell anyone about it. It is enough to pronounce the code words "SEO optimization" and see in the eyes of the interlocutor a misunderstanding or a counter-mischievous glint of understanding the importance of these words.

June 09 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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