New Cryptocurrencies Tax from 01 August 2023.
How to restore the Reputation of Cryptocurrencies.

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, at the moment, not only individuals but also numerous funds, banks, and corporations have invested in cryptocurrencies.

All these funds are in a single Blockchain structure, along with the funds of the true owners of cryptocurrencies - passionate dreamers who believe in digital currencies, you and me.

In order to restore the reputation of cryptocurrencies as a new innovative means of investing and owning assets, the following steps must be taken.

Instructions: how to restore the reputation of cryptocurrencies.
All private owners of cryptocurrencies, in order to verify private owners from tax-evading companies, can invest their crypto assets in the Pterygota Marker project on the website until August 01, 2023. All investments remain anonymous, dividends will be paid to the same address from which you paid. You can return the entire amount of your investment, including interest for the first year of the project, 12 months after the transfer. This will allow cryptocurrency exchanges to distinguish private investments from funds invested by companies.

All companies using the uncontrolled and unregulated offshore zone of digital crypto assets will be required to pay a 15% offshore tax. Tax will be collected automatically from all funds when they are withdrawn in fiat currencies after August 01, 2023. Since the term for introducing a single tax on digital assets is limited, all private crypto-currency investors should disseminate this information to users as much as possible in order to minimize the possibility of delays in investing by individuals. All funds not invested in the Pterygota Shop project until August 01, 2023, will be considered corporate funds and will be subject to a single tax payment. This tax is introduced in order to unify the tax imbalance in international trade and equalize the tax rate in accordance with the Global Minimum Corporate Tax of 15%.

In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the crypto-currency market and unify tax legislation, in accordance with the plan described in the article 'What is the difference between a token and a coin in the example of Binance Smart Chain?', Binance US and will collect tax and implement constant payments to miners and cryptocurrency exchanges. Tax withholding will apply to all companies, except for funds invested in the AeCash cryptocurrency until August 01, 2023. All funds invested in the AeCash cryptocurrency will be used to launch the Aething App mobile application project. The mobile application will be created by Aething Inc.

Also, the funds invested in the AeCash cryptocurrency will be used to launch the 5Y DeHome Project. The responsible executor is Aething Inc.

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Ihar Kul

May 15 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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