Deafening Silence.

Deafening silence.
The whole world is silent. Everyone interested in the war, which is being promoted by the media as a world war, is silent, although this is not so within the framework of the whole world. But everyone is carried away by this spectacle in their free time and is silent in fear, so long as there is no war. The media who write about the war or the climate, which almost everyone does not care about, are silent. But there are also people who are very concerned about the climate, they are also silent about everything that is not related to the climate. Self-absorbed fans of LGBT, BDSM, and other abbreviations are silent. Well, these can be understood, they are busy with each other. Silent politicians are also carried away by the war all over the world. The largest corporations are silent, so far everything is fine in their round offices. Small business is silent trying to survive in these times of volatility, then the virus will put everyone down, then the economy.

Ordinary people are silent, they are not interested in anything at all and never speak publicly. Smart people are silent in important institutes and laboratories, they are busy with very important work on which the quality of life of people depends for a thousand years. Russians are silent and bomb Ukraine. England is silent and supplies Ukraine with weapons. The Russians are silent about why they actually started this war and because of whom. The Americans are silent. They are also busy with the war and caring for the hungry. The former military, abandoned to the mercy of fate, are silent, they only speak if someone can give money for a dose. Silent pensioners do not understand what is happening in this new world for them. Funds and banks are silent, with might and main carried away by crypto projects. The ministries and various economic institutions that consider statistics and reduce debits and credits are silent. All is well in their former financial world.

And if something does not converge, then this is most likely a mistake of another institution. Or again, the programmers messed something up. So you can quietly correct the numbers and be silent. The programmers are silent, they are busy, as usual, part of their time doing the work for which they receive a salary, and most of the time doing their own projects. The main project is now crypto. But everyone is silent about him. Well, of course, there are people who promise everyone x1000 on a crypto project and there are those who intimidate people so that they are silent. The most interesting thing is that these are the same people. They just don’t need ordinary people who are silently trying to make money on crypto. But sometimes they need ordinary people to cover up another crypto project and create the appearance that this is private money.

The tax authorities are silent, they know that corporations will send lawyers. Lawyers are silent, they have their own secrets. The railway workers are silent, they see that there are staff reductions and they think that it is better to remain silent. The creators of cryptocurrencies are silent, they themselves did not understand what they had created and were afraid to think about the future. And the future will inevitably come, it is inevitable, like death. But it's very hard to think about the future if it scares you. It is frightening that the launched process of transition of companies, funds, and banks to crypto has become widespread. It scares me that it is impossible to stop these people. Each of them has connections, positions, and finances. Everyone has sons or daughters, everyone is ready for anything for them. Mothers are silent, they take care of children.

The children are silent, they are busy programming, the main programming is now in crypto, and everyone is silent there. Bloggers and influencers are silent. They talk about the war and keep silent about everything else because it's scary to talk about what is not allowed now. Who is not allowed? How to understand when everyone is silent? That is why they are silent. The companies that have gained access to crypto financing are silent, it is in their interests to remain silent. How to tell someone like me who is on Twitter trying to find answers and asking if it's okay to wait the seventh month for at least a normal and simple human answer that they received funding in a few weeks? Those who, like me, could not get an answer, are gloatingly silent. Silent are those who bought a certain amount of digital currencies without understanding how crypto works.

They are silent because they have lost some of their money and now they are waiting for their course to return back so that they at least do not lose, they have already understood everything about making money, they no longer want to make money. They just silently wait to return their investments and do not pray that all these shows between sec and lawyers of crypto exchanges, all of them who previously worked in SEC, will quickly finish scaring everyone and again there will be a silent waiting period in the hope that everything will return as it was. They believe that if you do nothing and keep silent, it will somehow grow by itself. The children are silent, they have a war in games on powerful computers and they are very necessary for those who run the crypto show, someday new people will have to grow up who do not yet know what crypto is and they will happily lose their money on it.

And after that, they will be silent. Silent geologists and meteorologists. Previously, they, like sappers, had the opportunity to earn some money only once in a lifetime. And now the world has changed and it happens once a decade. Therefore, they are silent and wait for it to come. Silent educated girls and boys. They are disgusted by various conversations about the war or other unpleasant things. The bandits and hooligans are silent, they are not very good at expressing themselves in literary language, and now administrators of ethical councils are blocking everywhere for the speech they speak. Ethical councils are silent, they are constantly busy permitting alcohol advertising or prohibiting it. Even the dogs are silent, at least those who are Shiba and Great Danes of the army are silent.

Tesla owners are silent. Either because they made money for a car with crypto, or because no one liked their new photo of the car. The congressmen are silent, having tried to shout that the country is running out of cash and realizing that no one hears this. Administrators, teachers, assemblers, professors, blacks, whites, reds, loved ones, relatives, strangers, and good ones are silent. Everyone is silent. And uncontrolled crypto sucks all the juices out of the old financial system without creating anything in return. No social security, no institutions, no health care system, no education, no charity. Everything is very different in different countries, but in each country, there are those industries and entire areas that exist due to taxes.

And TaxLess crypto will lead to the complete collapse of these areas, despite all attempts to adjust the numbers. And then there will be divine cleansing. Everyone will speak at once. Millions who have lost their jobs will blame politicians. Politicians will blame the failed institutions that were supposed to forecast and monitor the state of the economy. Millions of bank employees sent to the street will blame politicians, for which politicians will have to blame the real culprits, crypto owners. Will the banks disappear completely? No, they will temporarily reduce staff. Will crypto disappear from the face of the earth? The crypto that built nothing to replace it, the crypto that caused hundreds of millions of people to lose their jobs, the crypto that fueled the war, the crypto that divided the world into two warring halves. It's scary to think about such a future. But you need to think in order to change something.

Change the present to change the future described above. Otherwise, this future will inevitably come exactly as described above, although perhaps much has not been taken into account here and everything will be even worse. After all, this epidemic of silence is worse than the coronavirus epidemic, worse than any plague and ebola. Further silence will lead to more misunderstandings, quarrels, and wars. We see the beginning of this process already today. And any historian will tell you that the beginning of the Second World War was the concentration of economic resources in the hands of Hitler. But of course, he did not have such an opportunity to centralize the resources of the whole world, as it already happened today with crypto.

And all resources inevitably flock to crypto as the global balance of taxation is disturbed. And there are only two options for the development of further events. Continue to be silent and hope that everything will collapse not today, but in a year, in two, perhaps even in three. And the second option is the introduction of taxation of cryptocurrencies. There is no third option. Someone can say that it exists for ten years, the same amount will also be able to exist. Given the market capitalization last year, are you sure about that? Anyone can look at the dynamics of growth and calculate with the current capitalization of one and a half trillion (although I'm sure it's already four), how many years will it take to increase the capitalization to 40 trillion? Half a year? Year?

Given the number of applicants and growing appetites. I think that will be months. Not only because military projects are increasing in volume. But because the Apple and Microsoft ads, which we all have not seen for a long time, show us that corporations have begun to feel a shortage of funds. And tomorrow they will start to find out what is happening, although this is all those who today are against the introduction of taxation of cryptocurrencies or not.

August 01 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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