Digital currency market Harmonization.

Digital currency market harmonization.
The current harmful practice of attempts by the cryptocurrency community to interfere in the work of the media and even their interference in the political system does not allow the further development of the crypto industry.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of control and a clear plan for the development of the industry, all companies related to this industry have decided to violate the laws of many years of development and formation of companies described in the article ‘What is a company's reputation?’.

However, the laws of business and the laws of the development of society do not allow building a steadily developing company without observing the basic postulates and stages of the formation and development of the company.

To our great regret, at the moment a huge amount of funds has already been invested in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. And the lack of a development plan and technical control over the development of software products that directly generate financial assets has led to the technical impossibility of restricting the circulation of individual cryptocurrencies and related physical assets within a particular territory or jurisdiction.

In connection with all of the above, in order to prevent the collapse of the entire crypto market, which will entail the inevitable collapse of the traditional financial market and will find its expression in unpredictable socio-political turbulence, the following steps must be taken:

1. In order to stabilize the financial market and harmonize the economic situation and tax obligations of all market participants, it is necessary to separate the funds of private investors and legal entities.

2. Introduce single taxation of cryptocurrencies in order to unify legislation for all companies in the technology industry and equalize social imbalances.

3. Notify all market participants about the inadmissibility of violating the rules of business that have historically developed in society and violating the stages of the company's formation. Recall the need to respect the institution of reputation and respect for the professional skills of all members of society and the institutions created by it.
June 05 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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