Benefits of using a drone detection system in a video stream to detect drones.

The means of detecting drones and counteracting them have been known for several decades and have not fundamentally changed since the creation of the UAV and the discovery of the Doppler effect. The most effective means of detecting a drone is radar.

However this technology has physical restrictions on the propagation of radio waves, and therefore it is impossible to ensure the detection of low-flying drones.

This dilemma has been known for a very long time, recent events in several conflicts in the world have only highlighted this dilemma. The Pterygota Marker solution we are building is designed to solve this problem once and for all.
Benefits of using a drone detection system in a video stream to detect drones.
Professionals in the field of drone detection systems can dispute the statement regarding the impossibility of detecting drones, so it is necessary to clarify that, of course, in some radius from the protected object, the installed radar is guaranteed to detect a flying drone, regardless of its flight altitude. But this detection has physical limitations, which are measured in tens of kilometers, nothing more. Which, accordingly, does not make it possible to carry out any response actions, given the flight speed of modern UAVs. Our system is designed to solve the problem of early drone detection, which will allow us to carry out a series of actions to intercept the drone and warn the population. It is the early warning of the appearance of a drone that will effectively counteract this threat.

Using drone detection in a video stream, in other words, detecting a drone using existing or separately installed conventional video cameras simultaneously allows you to solve two problems. Firstly, this is the only low-cost solution that can be massively deployed within a hotel community, city, or country. Secondly, this solution makes it possible to detect drones at low altitudes, which cannot be done by other means, given the unevenness of the natural terrain, as well as in urban areas. We provided a full analysis of professional drone detection systems in the article Pterygota Prerequisites.

In the form of a summary of the technical solutions we have described earlier, it can be unequivocally stated that only a radar station is a stable operating means of detecting drones. However, given the physical and cost limitations of radar, it is impossible to cover the sky with radar for hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

The only way to solve the problem of early detection of drones is with the help of our proposed video detection solution. It is an autonomous system for detecting drones in a video stream without the need to use third-party equipment for detection, which is the solution that can reduce the threat that a drone can pose to the lowest possible level.
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May 03 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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