Aething App and Empathy

Do any of us like psychologists? Most likely not, usually people are afraid of them. And, frankly, it is understandable why, how can one judge the normality of another.

We will not climb into anyone's soul in this article and will not draw any conclusions, we just want to note one non-obvious advantage of Aething App for each of us.
For people. But each of us will be able to check the correctness of these words, the collective opinion is always more objective.

Aething App and Empathy
Have you noticed that we live today in a slightly monotonous world? We are surrounded by the same buildings, we watch the same shows, we go to the same job, we see the same brands in the grocery store in any city or country, and do not know what to bring relatives and friends from the trip.

Exactly the same situation in advertising, which one way or another, penetrates into our lives and brings its share of monotony. Of course, there are advertisements that have already become a tradition, such as the Coca-Cola Christmas tune. But for 12 months from Christmas to Christmas, we see the same advertisements of big brands, which involuntarily reinforce for us the impression of monotony and sameness.

But our world is beautiful and diverse! It is filled with different emotions and people. Each of us is absolutely unique and has our own beliefs and experiences, aspirations, and achievements. It is this unimaginably beautiful world of various human personalities and characters that you can see in our Aefing application! Our ethics committee spent a lot of time debating whether or not to unify ads in our app. If someone is familiar with a free design program like Canva, then they can understand this comparison. They made a great graphic design tool, but the inevitable consequence was another monotony when everyone started using their designs.

That is why we decided in the Aething application not to limit the imagination of advertisers and not to set rigid patterns. Not only will you be able to receive various announcements, but you will also be able to discover a whole new world of various people who surround us. The people who create the products and services we need. People are different.

Unfamiliar with the design and only slightly mastered in the management of a smartphone. Professional people in one area, but completely ignorant in another. Only in our application you will be able not only to see the advertisement but also to feel the mood of its creator, you will be able to imagine his feelings and emotions, his aspirations, and his expectations.

We don't want to spoil this slightly emotional article with the dry numbers of surveys we conducted before creating our app. We can only share with you what we saw when people first started using Aething App. We saw unforgettable emotions! Smiles and laughter from a poorly chosen photo, long arguments about who was the creator of this ad, and cheers of recognition that he lives next door.

We saw genuine interest and a sense of the diversity and beauty of our world. We value long-term traditions and, for example, we have been reading Inc magazine for many years, which gives us the opportunity to touch various destinies and people. But the magazine is too small and only lasts for a couple of hours.

That is why we are sure that with our application you will be able to get new emotions every day! We are sure that we will be able to color your everyday life with new colors, colors of the diversity of the only world in which we all live!

Aething Inc.

APRIL, 19 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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