How to steal billions with crypto?
Absolutely legal! Almost...

This crime lasts for years, and law enforcement agencies can and should assess the damage.

We analyzed hundreds of sites that have been listed in the last three months at crypto exchanges. Hundreds of projects are released every day on various exchanges. First, on smaller exchanges, they begin trading on large exchanges.

One of these sites was published today and overwhelmed my patience. This site was published by the exchange, it was undergoing some kind of analysis (must be). This means that either idiot work on the stock exchanges or everything is corrupt there. So, a website is published ( ) on which people are offered to be paid for walking, lying down, listening to music, and so on. That is, in other words, it is proposed to pay people money for what.

Someone can say what’s the difference, it doesn’t matter that the site went on the stock exchange, no one will invest money in such a project.
I will explain what exactly happens next. Numerous crypto sites strongly recommend investing small amounts in various projects. They recommend investing a little in all projects. Accordingly, the project that was accepted by the exchange and published in any case will collect funding. Within a day, such projects collect about $10 million.

But this is only the beginning. Further, a major fraud begins through the ‘Mixer’ company. Mixer companies offer loans on very good terms but issue them in the currency of such a fake project. That is, for example, you pledge Bitcoin and get an unsecured token. Thus, the project loses 10% of the worthless token but receives bitcoin, which has a value and can be sold at any time.

What exactly do mixer companies offer? Do they lend to small businesses without credit? No. They offer a loan at 8-12% secured by another crypto currency. But ask yourself the question - why would I do this? If the mixer company takes a pledge and glares at my cryptocurrency, then it is easier to exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency with minimal losses of half a percent. Can I borrow $1,000 from the Mixer Company with a $500 deposit? No, It is Impossible. Then why do these mixer companies have customers willing to pay 8 to 12 percent? The only reasonable answer is clear to everyone.

It seems to me that not only fake companies for withdrawing money, but completely fake exchanges are also currently created. For three months I tried to place the project on all exchanges, but none of them, including the smallest and relatively recent ones, paid any attention to my projects at all. They didn't ask questions and weren't interested in the projects at all.

One of the exchanges replied that I did not pass their security check. I do not take it personally, but try to analyze the situation with an open mind, then in other words, they gave me the answer that they host only their trusted projects. That is, this exchange is fully aimed only at fake projects.

Whether they do it consciously or out of complete unprofessionalism, it doesn't matter anymore. The important thing is that all projects coming from such exchanges are fake. And the larger exchanges do not do their job at all and do not accept applications, but rely on such smaller exchanges.

It is possible that large exchanges are also rewarded to list projects that someone may ask them to list, putting pressure on them to patronize some personal projects. The good news is that such projects are not fake. But if the management of large exchanges is busy performing patronage, then the level of performers who consider incoming from small exchanges clearly does not allow them to distinguish fake projects from real ones. And this means that any real projects that are designed to create anything, are under the threat of washing out capital and bankruptcy equally with fake projects originally designed for this.

One more important note. Why does Bitcoin have value? Because real money is invested in it in the form of dollars, euros, yuan, and so on. Where does this money come from? This money is from private depositors, акщь children to adults, banks, and foundations. Including your private investments in the bank and pension savings. Further, the fake project begins to cash out money in all available ways. There are restrictions on withdrawing money from an ATM.

But today, crypto has spread all over the world. Someone wants to buy an apartment, he gives cash and the company pays in Bitcoin. Someone pays for the goods, which is currently facilitated by sanctions around the world. Some companies pay euros for goods, because, for example, in the European Union, crypto is exempt from VAT. Therefore, the withdrawal of money is made on an incredible scale.

The introduction of various sanctions aimed at conventional currencies only exacerbates the situation and turns this money stream into a full-flowing river. And so the money is withdrawn day after day, year after year.

It is impossible to say today whether the pension savings, for which each of us worked hard, remained in the banks. One thing I can say with 99% certainty. Exchanges publish such fake projects, of which, according to my estimate, 90%, either absolutely do not understand what is happening or are completely corrupt or were created precisely for the publication of such projects. In more detail, the whole scheme of participation of banks and funds and the damage to other companies and the budget of various countries is described by me in the article:

For those who still doubt the fraudulent scheme of all crypto projects, this is an example. Projects that promise to pay for the fact that people go, they really pay money! Yes, small, but it is not known what part of the total amount, most likely 1-2 percent, they pay. For those who do not yet understand that this proves fraud, let them ask themselves one simple question. Who is willing to pay you for it? Are there such people or any grant programs?

Show me them, please. They don't exist. Yes, they don't exist. It’s just that these people, for fake projects, simply steal money from other investors and pay a couple of percent through the application to people, creating some kind of business appearance. But such an action cannot be called business, it is arrogant and cynical theft. Theft from those who invested in crypto or through crypto invested in some projects.

Theft from those who do not even suspect that now they are stealing money from him, for example, from bank depositors or pension fund depositors who themselves decided to invest in crypto. And while everyone is silent, while they pretend that nothing is happening, all new companies in search of funding are drawn into the same crypto scheme. All new banks and funds are drawn into the crypto scheme. Silence about this scam is now a crime, as unsuspecting people get involved in this every day. endless pyramid.

Do crypto exchanges or government leadership know about this pyramid? Do they know and try to compensate for their losses at the expense of another partner and ally? Silent about crypto scams because they themselves are interested in involving other countries and continents? That is why it is now impossible for any project to get listed on crypto exchanges since only projects for which gullible clients have already been prepared are released.

Why do crypto exchanges, or rather people, people who were able to create and maintain the performance of crypto exchanges, suddenly become idiots in evaluating projects placed on exchanges? It's impossible to keep the exchange running if you suddenly have a stroke and half of your brain is not working. And the employees of exchanges and CMC are trying to look like this in front of everyone now, pretending to be fooled, but this is just a game. The game that put the entire global financial system (well, or some part of it, if it makes it easier for someone) in danger of falling.

And you can imagine the scale of the theft of money if the scammers have even run out of imagination and they place such projects as we pay people for what they go. All more or less similar to business ideas that have already been used by them repeatedly. Well, or, it is possible that such projects are placed by them simply out of boredom and from the fact that they despise those from whom they steal money.

They despise them for stupidity and indecision, for illiteracy and lack of initiative. They despise old age and any attempts to trust people, with their whole existence and every action confirming that people cannot be trusted. Such feelings are evoked by this whole fraudulent scheme that is working in front of billions of people. And with this, it causes damage many times greater than the billions stolen by them.

Everyone who reads this message is notified of the crime and must report it to their management and law enforcement agencies. If you do not do this, it means that you are accomplices of a crime.

Some of the companies involved in crypto were bought out for millions of dollars immediately after listing (that is, going public). Why? Because under the guise of this company, through the above schemes, the withdrawal of money began. Investigative journalists can find out how many startups were bought immediately after the listing.

I tried to write to companies that had just gone public, but none of them responded. Does this mean that they are very busy or that they are all bought after the listing? I don’t know.

Confirmation of the view of my message is the public statistics of views of this message and internal Twitter analytics, which I will also publish here. I personally will ensure that every person who has looked at this message and has not reported it may be found out. The technical capabilities of Twitter allow this to be done, the request must be sent to law enforcement. In this situation, there is nothing to worry about, since there is already a way out of it, as I described in the article above.

Just enough. Everyone who reads this message must report it to the higher management and ensure that they report it to law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, you contribute to the crime, and criminal liability for not reporting a crime is provided in every country in the world, wherever you are located right now.

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APRIL, 04 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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