Simple business.
How to steal an idea. Bad advice.

Simple business. How to steal an idea. Bad advice.

Can an idea be stolen? Yes and no. There are many businesses in life, especially start-up companies, and in practice this can be done. Your idea will be borrowed from you or you will use someone else's ideas for your business. At this stage, it is possible and happens all the time. And this does not cause conflicts, if your company has a small market coverage, you can work in different areas of the city, country, or even on different continents.

However, this mechanism for investing in startups has become irrelevant given the development of the Internet, especially for technology companies, for which there are no borders today. The final point in this process was made by crypto-currencies. The ease with which any software product can be copied was offset by the limitation of territories and/or segments. This task was carried out by investment funds. But the massive development of crypto has led to the fact that this control has ceased to work and you can steal any business project, steal an idea, and receive crypto funding for it, you can implement it.

Having understood this, the funds did not begin to think about how to treat this global disease, but decided to accumulate finances, solving the issue with the help of financial strength. But to cure a disease, they always look for its cause, and not just relieve the symptoms of the disease. This escalation of capital accumulation has led to a complete halt in funding for new projects, despite the seemingly active development of crypto.

The whole business of investing in projects has turned into one big market for the theft of ideas. But theft always causes not only negative emotions but also the same consequences. The most important consequence of such irresponsible actions was the growth of people's distrust of each other and the absolute absence of the creation of new projects. The growth of the crypto assets market has recently continued due to the financing of ordinary, non-investment projects and the growth of banal fraud with the creation of only fake startups.

And this can threaten the investment business itself with a lack of trust a generation ahead. The growth of mutual distrust and the complete paralysis of small business funding today began to be reflected in technology giants such as Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, and so on. This created the conditions for a further collapse of the economy, and the bankruptcy of banks, associated with startups and cryptocurrencies, just a few links in this chain.

Therefore, I have developed a plan for an emergency reversal of the economy to be able to quickly restore the purchasing power of the population, strengthen the financial sector, and correct the mechanism for the operation of cryptocurrencies, which will normalize the financing of start-ups, small and large businesses, and in the shortest possible time will allow to restart the economy.

For implementation, it is necessary:

- the introduction of taxation of cryptocurrencies;
- the construction of a system of modern patent protection of intellectual property;
- the creation of a aething mobile app to change the way the financial assets of a business are redistributed, which puts people at the head of this process.

Also, this will correct the very causes of this financial illness and will not allow a recurrence of the situation in the near future. This is bound to happen again given the amount of attention already given to cryptocurrencies by the mainstream media and governments of almost every country in the world.

Educational and training complex Cyber Simulator (Pterygota Marker website) inaction and silence of the real reasons that caused the economy's fall is impossible without an exponential acceleration of this process. And without correcting the causes that led to this situation, the cycles of re-fall will be reduced, which could already be traced if there were statistics, and today it is possible to understand only by indirect signs or by the lack of information. And this also exacerbates the situation, leading to a further acceleration of the fall.
July 20 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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