Inflation for dummies. Or how to reduce the impact of inflation.

What is inflation? The generally accepted formulation of inflation is a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, which occurs unevenly over time (that is, for a long time).
The causes of inflation are endless and complex. Thousands of reasons from interventions in the economy of various countries to human emotions. From the irrational use of financial resources or often the inability to rationally use the funding to thoughtless spending. From the level of mineral reserves to the emergence of new technologies. It is impossible to describe all the reasons, some of which are economic or political decisions and some emotional ones.

And our human emotional decisions are often the main driver and cause of inflation. So the advent of smartphones caused the growth of related industries. The development of construction or investment in the agricultural sector in one country changes the business climate and affects other market participants, ultimately affecting the income of certain groups of the population and the individual.

It is impossible to eliminate inflation, this concept is an integral part of any economy. But the keywords in the above definition of inflation are not the word ‘inflation’ at all, but the words ‘unevenly and for a long time’. It is these two words and related phenomena that cause a well-deserved negative attitude toward inflation. It is the uneven distribution of income caused by inflation that causes the greatest damage to citizens around the world.

To put it very simply, investments in the technology industry made at some point are first distributed among the main technology companies, then distributed among their partners and related industries, and only then after some time they reach the workers of the agro-industrial sector, a hairdresser or a service employee pet grooming.

The main problem is time. The time it takes for funds to travel the long way from a technology company to multiple supply chain partners and end up with a specialist in another sector of the economy. For example, Tesla, according to its statement in the latest presentation to investors, has tens of thousands of suppliers in the supply chain. Despite Tesla’s ideally built business process model, it takes a long time for funds to pass through, let alone less technologically advanced companies.

So, we found out that the key parameter in inflation is not its inevitable existence, but time. The time for the distribution of funds between all market participants and the time for these funds to reach the final recipients of these funds. Of people. We are with you, no matter who you work and no matter what profession you have, at some point, you can feel the impact of inflation on yourself.

And the key parameter has always been and will be time. The fate, health, and even life of many people often depend on time. So can inflation be beaten? The answer is no. But you can change the time. Yes, you heard right. You can change the time it takes for a part of the funds to reach their final recipient, people.

This solution was proposed by Aething Inc. based on the developed first in wold mobile application for everything with the same name. This application is designed to reduce the main negative parameter of inflation — the time it takes for the final consumer to receive finance. Any successful company will confirm from their own experience that the key attribute of sales is advertising.

Advertising is often the very first step in creating a product, preceded by direct production or the creation of a supply chain. The chain has not yet been created, but the product advertisement has already been launched. What does this mean for the problem of inflation described above and the key parameter — time?

The proposed business model of the Aething App changes the business model of the advertising market. The application offers a direct distribution of funds from the business to the user along with an advertisement. That is, the funds inevitably invested in advertising by almost any business immediately end up with a person. Considering that users of a product or service are most often completely unrelated to the industry in which this business operates, the distribution of funds will occur almost instantly compared to existing models in the world. This will reduce the key negative parameter of inflation.
To reduce the time.

To reduce the time for people to receive money, to reduce the time for the introduction of new products and services by startups or corporations that have existed for centuries. Reduce the time to test ideas and get real results from science and medicine to sociology and public administration. Businesses often make mistakes because they don’t get a quick response from users. And not a single system in the world today allows you to speed up people’s reaction time to ‘intrusive advertising’. In the proposed aething application, not only time changes but also the attitude of customers interested in obtaining new information.

Existing advertising systems, such as the largest corporations Google and Amazon, are also interested in implementing this application, which will allow them to solve the problem of reaching the most users in the shortest time. Attempts to stimulate small businesses Google through advertising credit have not led to positive results. In addition to a huge number of people who want to cash out the loan they offer, this offer did not find a response from customers, since a start-up business is only developing its activities, often already having several loans.

And the proposal to obtain another loan without guarantees of results, given the unrealistic amount within the cost of modern advertising, is doomed to failure. The Aething app will be able to complement the capabilities of Google and Amazon and give both users and businesses confidence in the future, which can be a significant boost to the economy.

To unify the advertising space and simplify the interaction between the business and the user, it is proposed to use the single digital cryptocurrency aecash in the application. This will allow, at an early stage of creating an application, to eliminate the later possible difficulties in the interaction of cross-border companies and clients, often located in different countries and continents. It will also allow using the already existing infrastructure of cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure the conversion of this currency into any currency used by the client, regardless of his location.

The introduction of a single currency aecash will allow the future to avoid possible improvements and related problems of implementation in heterogeneous technological environments. It will also attract the most high-tech and modern investors from around the world to the application, which will ensure a successful implementation and provide a quick return. It will also drastically reduce fraud cases and increase the reputation of digital currencies, which has recently suffered greatly due to the lack of unified regulation and standardization.

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Also, the use of a single cryptocurrency aecash will provide the possibility of operational regulation within both individual companies and individual sectors of the economy. In addition to the effect of radically reducing the negative effects of inflation described above, this will also help to avoid mass layoffs of employees and reduce the negative effect of stress, one way or another, inevitably arising from such significant life changes.

An indirect, but significant advantage of the implementation of the new advertising application can also be called the possibility of stimulating businesses to create inexpensive goods designed for the mass consumer, which will help not only reduce the impact of inflation on various segments of the population of one country but will also help the population of developing countries.

Implementation is possible with the mutual desire of banks to which we can offer terms of cooperation, taking into account their costs for maintaining the only tool for user verification today. Also, Apple and Google should be involved in the discussion to resolve the commissions of their stores. We suggest that they charge a standard set percentage for all companies from our in-app commission.

The already existing extraterritorial supply chains in the transport and technology industries will allow faster distribution of income, regardless of the geographic location of the user, which is currently happening using various tricks and creates an additional burden on the law enforcement system of all countries. In the end, the implementation of this application will inevitably have a positive impact on the entire global economy by increasing positive user and business expectations.

Businesses can test ideas and innovate faster with near-instant feedback from users. All this was previously impossible and has become available now, given the spasmodic development of various tools for working with big data. Thus, the existing technological development of our world allows us to implement this solution today.

However, many organizational problems can be solved with the involvement of the main market participants in the discussion, on which the future of the project depends. In particular, it is necessary to have the assistance of the banking system as the only source of user identification to eliminate cases of fraud and the inevitable loss of the project’s reputation.
It also requires the consent of Google and Apple to our proposed model of charging existing commission rates by their app stores to Aething’s application fees.

Also, to implement this project, to ensure business continuity, and to create the world’s first application to which the monetization model and all technological innovations are provided in advance, and ease of use for all age groups and segments of the population, it is necessary to ensure comfortable accommodation for employees and the absence of external factors affecting the development of the project.

Within the framework of the European Union, this project can be implemented in Spain, the country most affected by the consequences of the coronavirus, but with modern infrastructure and a limited number of banking organizations, which will allow faster implementation of the entire system and reduce the time to obtain results at the level of the economy of the whole country for further adoption on the global implementation of this project.

The model of building a 5Y DeHome Community that we propose provides for all the conditions and technical infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the project, including further self-financing of the project through the development of several technological solutions in the field of video analytics and machine vision (Pterygota Marker) and the energy industry (Firewood App).

Also, for the further implementation of the new mobile application Aething, it is necessary to introduce the aecash digital currency as soon as possible and the assistance of the main participants in the cryptocurrency market, who are currently refusing to provide any support to the project.

APRIL, 02 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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