We are starting a limited sale of the AeCash token to launch the Pterygota Marker project

Pre-lunch limited offer for Pterygota Marker Project
Pterygota Marker Project
You may invest any amount in the patented Pterygota Marker Project
right now.
How to invest? Buy digital cryptocurrency AeCash or exchange your crypto for AeCash and you have already invested in the Pterygota Marker project! It's that simple!

Patented Pterygota marker for detecting drones in the video stream. Also used for any video analytics systems and machine vision.

Limited offer 4 999 999 preferred tokens. Price: 1 aecash token = 1 USD.

Buyback terms: 12 months. Buyback price: 10 USD.

Preferred tokens give the right to make decisions regarding any aspects of the business development of the Pterygota Marker project. The purchase of tokens is carried out through the Coinbase account of our Сorporation. Payments in the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, LTC, DAI, BCH, APE, SHIB, USDT, MATIC, ETH. More detailed information on how to SWAP your crypto to AeCash on the Swap page.

UPDATE - Investment period ended 22 December 2022

Best investment - Pterygota Marker Project

Official Pterygota Marker Project website: Pterygota.shop

Official Telegram Chanel: 1st Crypto Honest Channel

Official Twitter: Pterygota Marker

A notification of payment will be sent to the email you specified when paying. Please send to us your MetaMask wallet number at the BNB Smart Chain network. We will send you the amount of AeCash Tokens, you purchased, to the specified wallet.

Read about how to add custom tokens to your wallet on the MetaMask website.

( Be sure to check that the specified wallet is on the BNB Smart Chain network! We also recommend that you add the ae.cash website to your mail system filters so that you don't miss a letter confirming your investment in the future)

APRIL, 29 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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