Aething Inc. Press release. October 2023.

Aething Inc. Press release. October 2023.
Patent law Harmonization

The current dismal state of the technology industry is due to the completely paralyzed mechanism of patent law.

New global trends require immediate solutions to modernize the existing global patent law system.

In order to correct the current situation, it is proposed:

⁃ extend patent law to all countries of the world, regardless of where the patent is filed;

⁃ in order to ensure the possibility of evaluating software solutions in the form of applications, utility models, and business models, provide support for decisions on the legality of creating competitive products on the Twitter platform by authorized users with Blue Tick;

⁃ in case of violation of the decisions made by the Twitter community, penalties are imposed on the country that violated the law in the form of a decrease in the percentage of deductions to users of the Aething application, up to the elimination of the causes that caused the imposition of penalties.
September 01 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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