An Open Letter to Binance US CEO Brian Shroder

Dear Mr. Schroder. I would like your comment. Why the free listing declared on your site does not work?

Why do your company’s support employees encourage scammers and extort money for a listing?

Why does your exchange publish 100% fake projects that violate the law for nonprofits?
Open Letter to Binance US CEO Brian Shroder
I’m asking for support on how to get anyone from the Binance security department. They do nothing.

Ok, I paid a scammer who offered his services directly in the Binance support chat. I have his Binance wallet. However, he told me that he is not afraid of any appeals to the support or appeals to the compliance department.

Your employees not only steal money from you in the millions. They give your company a reputation for fraud company. They are not afraid of anything and cynically laugh in response. Is this done with your knowledge or not?

I recorded all correspondence with your employees and with the scammer using the EnCase software to provide these data to the court. But first, it would be right to get your comment if you are aware of the extortion and scam that your support staff is doing.

Did you know that they steal tens of millions from your company every month? Do you know how many people they harmed by the fact that by their actions they did not allow access to financing and created the opinion that it was Binance in your person who was fraudulent?
CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul
May 05 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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