An Open Letter to Investors Binance US

After six months of unsuccessful attempts to obtain an official response from Binance regarding the listing status of my company's digital asset AeCash Token, we have reasonable doubts about the viability of this company.

The company does not respond to requests for all contact information indicated on the website and in the official application (screenshots of the correspondence are attached below).

An Open Letter to Investors Binance US
To the: VanEck, Original Capital, Omar Darwazah, Gold House Ventures, Moving Capital, Gaingels, Tagus Capital, RRE Ventures, Standard Crypto, Northern Light Venture Capital

As a result, we published an open letter to the CEO of Binance Brian Shroder, but it also remained unanswered, despite being in the Google search engine (17 search query results). Attempts to contact UAB Binance (listed as the only legal entity on the official website of Binance) did not bring results, since the company is not located at the registered address, and requests for contact information from the company's management were refused.

The website of the official website of Binance indicates that Binance US is a subsidiary of Binance. However, the relationship between these companies is not clarified and there is no information on their owners or office addresses on the Binance US website.

My name is Kul Ihar, I am the owner of Aething Inc. I sent a request to Binance support in the official application of LTD Binance (based on the data specified in the Apple Store app store) for the return of digital assets belonging to me - a single digital currency of the advertising market secured by investments in real estate - digital Token AeCash.

In response to my request, the official representative of the Binance company provided a response that the company does not currently have assets to return my funds. As a creditor to Binance who cannot receive an official response from Binance and since Binance cannot issue a refund, we will apply for Binance's involuntary bankruptcy.

However, given the legal lack of information about the relationship between UAB Binance and BAM Trading Services Inc, which does business under the Binance US brand, without confirming the legal succession of these companies, I ask you to provide information about the relationship of the above companies within three business days, provide a response upon request, who exactly owns this trademark and to whose address to send an application for involuntary bankruptcy due to lack of funds.

I ask you to provide an unambiguously interpreted answer about which of the indicated companies is currently bankrupt:
Binance UAB, Binance US, Binance LTD, or BAM Trading Services Inc.?

May 22 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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