An open letter to Secretary Janet Yellen
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An open letter to Secretary Janet Yellen
Three years of unsuccessful attempts to obtain funding for my startup convinced me that the strategy I had chosen to apply for funding from investment funds was wrong. Seven months of my unsuccessful attempts to contact people on the Twitter platform for support of my project, taught me something that is apparently known to most people - social network accounts are managed by robots using artificial intelligence that do not feel the emotional coloring of words and choose inappropriate expressions for accounts that are significant for everything the world of people.

An example would be to not use words like "catastrophe" in messages posted by a robot on Secretary Janet Yellen's Twitter account. Moreover, that account is also equal to the younger generation, which has millions of subscribers, but uses active calls to action, as the world’s leading crypto exchanges did recently with calls ‘we must unite’.

Understanding these facts of the complete lack of human participation and empathy in the messages of robots, led me to the need to write this Open Letter in the hope that you will someday be able to read it in search engines that do not yet use artificial intelligence, which personally causes me a feeling of helplessness and impossibility to change anything in our life. The public interviews, in which Secretary Janet Yellen expressed concern for business, give me hope that my appeal will be heard.

And your continuous work to harmonize the global financial market convinces me that Secretary Janet Yellen will be able to correctly evaluate the multi-year development plan I propose for my startup, which I developed, based on my personal experience as an ex-pat and refugee, looking to facilitate the work of small businesses in the most extreme conditions. I am sure that the solution I propose can be useful to every small business in any country in the world. And only your invaluable experience and knowledge of different cultures and nationalities can help me make this dream a reality.

Your influence and position will help draw attention to the inadmissibility of using artificial intelligence on the Twitter platform, as this creates the world's first conflict of interest in the virtual world when the massive introduction of this technology creates difficulties for its further development.

I hope that society will correctly evaluate this appeal, not as a sign of weakness, but as our belief in the United States Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen's concern for the interests of business, which creates all those things that make our lives better.

CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul

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June 24 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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