We are People. Aething Inc.

We are People. Aething Inc.
We are People.

We are human and we are different. We strive, and we are passionate. We ask questions and admire. We are looking for answers, and give advice. We think we understand each other, but sometimes we don't.

And our emotions unite us into a single community. A community that gives us strength, and new opportunities. Gives us new doubts, and makes our personal experience necessary.

Life experience comes with age and makes us people. An experience, that makes us the people our friends and family know us to be.

And yet sometimes we get angry and do not understand each other, we begin to look for answers to non-existent questions, instead of living and getting happiness. But it is these emotions, that make us humans and gives us a unique experience, accumulating it with age.

And our age, sometimes creates a new misunderstanding between people, forcing us to turn again to experience and find the right words. Those words will unite us all, which means, that they will make us happier.

Experience gives us the opportunity to understand, how we are all different, and how we are unique. Experience gives us the possibility to find the words, that people of all ages will hear, motivating us to search for words for all audiences, and giving us the chance to remove any boundaries and restrictions, the moment to create new communities for ourselves and our children.

It is for young people, I want to give an answer to a question, that they have not yet asked:

- So, who are we, humans?

- I think that people are always the way we imagine them to be.

For an older audience, I have to say the same words:

- People always treat us the way we think they do.

Everyone decides, which words are closer to him today. It is these decisions, that make up society, which gives us the opportunity to create important and meaningful things. Such as aething.

After all, whether or not, this, seemingly simple application, will be implemented depends on you and me, on each of us. After all, people always decide. One for all and all for one.

And today, each of us needs to decide which audience he belongs to, which words are closer to us, and whether we need an aething app created by people, and for people.

And together, start building this application, starting with the investment in the Pterygota Marker project, as described in this article.

This will avoid double taxation of cryptocurrencies. It will allow the organizing of modern protection of patent rights.

And most importantly, this will allow us to create an aething app, that every person on our Earth needs right now.

July 24 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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