Aething Inc. Press release. June 2023.

Aething Inc. Press release. June 2023.
Aething Inc. (USA), the owner of the Crypto.Com cryptocurrency exchange, announces its development plans. A company that does not value customers has no future. In this regard, we want to inform our customers about our development priorities.

The basis of our activity is a concern for the well-being of our customers. The highest priority for our company has been and will be private investors. Not corporations and institutional investors, but private investors, ordinary people allowed us to reach the heights of one of the world's leading crypto exchanges. We are grateful to our customers and want to thank you for your trust in us. We remember who is our highest value and asset and appreciate your trust.

Each employee of our company remembers that he represents our company to you. Politeness, tact, and prompt resolution of all your questions will henceforth be a priority for the support staff of our company. The company's management is focused on offering private investors the opportunity to invest in the best projects. In those projects that will develop steadily over many decades. The highest interests of all employees of our company are the diversification of risks and the offer of the best investments for private investors.

The first project that fully complies with our obligations to protect the rights of private investors is the Pterygota Marker project. We do not dilute the share of private investors by creating fake accounts before the launch of the project. We do not accept investments from corporations until August 01, 2023, when the taxation of cryptocurrency investments for legal entities will be introduced, and we grant the right to invest in the project at the earliest stage only to private investors.

This will allow you to maximize your profits without any restrictions and the possibility of manipulation by institutional investors. Pterygota Marker is the first real people's investment project.

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Update (16.05.2023). The deal for the purchase of the CryptoCom trademark did not take place due to the lack of provision of the requested information.

June 02 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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