Show me your Plan.
Aething Inc.

Show me your Plan.
Aething Inc.
The single digital currency of the advertising market $aecash.

1. Cryptocurrency is a universal digital asset that combines the capabilities of a means of payment (money) and shares (securities).

2. The regulation of the cryptocurrency market must be introduced now, otherwise, this market will not exist soon.

3. Binance US performs the role of the central bank.

4. The role of tax authorities is performed by Coinbase.

5. The role of SEC is performed by CryptoCom. They also control the listing and invest in the development of new exchanges, whose task is to find promising projects and provide a payment gateway to the national payment system of their country.

6. At the time of the creation of all structures, two projects are launched.

7. PterygotaMarker project for private investment.

8. Aething.App project for investments of legal entities.

9. Advertising market money ( is invested in a housing project (

10. Using a single currency in both projects makes it possible to regulate the markets.

11. Investors in the construction industry receive a Long term 15%. 5% is burned in Aething App.

12. Legacy companies are getting money back into the economy through the Aething App and rising population incomes, getting new jobs in the construction industry. The banking system provides the conversion of the digital currency AeCash into national currencies.
May 30 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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