Aething App - Solving two global problems of Humanity

The Aething app solves just two of humanity's many global problems. But both of these problems are the pillars on which the solution of many other problems is based.
Aething App - Solving two global problems of Humanity
The first global problem is the lack of trust due to the inability to verify one's identity online. This problem has many faces and names. Someone complains that the media cannot be trusted, as it misled people. Although often the news read in one place is distributed by a person to all news resources, and one lie breeds new ones. Someone blames the Internet and calls it impartial words. Someone will say that this is a lack of responsibility and reputation and will also be right.

Someone was deceived by unscrupulous advertising, someone explains everything with an overabundance of information. All these theses are true in their own way, all of them can be described as the inability to verify one's identity online and, as a result, complete distrust of online resources, including government sources. This is exactly the problem that Aething is designed to solve. More detailed solutions are described in the Crypto article. Past. The present. Future. and a number of feature articles in the News section of the site.

The second problem, indirectly related to the first one, is the impossibility of the modern technological world to attract people's attention. One of the last available methods of attracting the general population's attention, namely the appeal to war, has also lost its effectiveness, while simultaneously creating emotional uncertainty about the future and complete moral degradation of all human qualities among the general public. The recourse to military rhetoric is bearing fruit but has grave and long-term consequences for public health.

It is the lack of trust on the one hand and the inability to attract attention on the other hand that the Aething application is designed to solve these two sides of the same coin.
May 19 / 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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