About The War

It seems that the whole world is divided into three parts. One part lives an ordinary life and does not pretend that they have not heard about the war at all.

The second part does not want to hear anything about the war, because they are already tired of it.

And the third part is keenly interested in the war. I don’t want to talk about the first part, let it be on their conscience.

The second part of society, which is tired of the war, is most likely burdened with its life difficulties, many of which are also indirectly related to the war. I will give one example. I did a little experiment in the field of crypto that I constantly mention. I spoke to a scammer who asked me to give him my wallet details. I complied with all his demands, but the reward for my conversation with him was the unimaginable disappointment in his voice when he saw $ 0.5 in the account and exclaimed how do you have no money there?

So, on the site of this scammer, a person with a Ukrainian name and surname was listed as the owner. I am sure that it is useless to look for such a person, this is a fake. But fake caused by the war. Or electricity bills for users and businesses in Spain have
tripled in three months. No one European electricity exchange showed such price increases, but the power company tripled them. Someone taking advantage of the war is covering up their crimes like my interlocutor is a scammer.

Someone, hiding behind the war, increases their profits by trying to cover the increased costs or, for example, the decreased income associated with the massive installation of solar panels. Or a banking app blocking customer funds citing war-related sanctions, although there is no reason for blocking and their forum shows that this is a common business practice that began long before the war. The whole world is using the war for its purposes, not at all caring about the people who are dying at this time.

But most of all I would like to dwell on the third part of society that actively discusses and even promotes the war. I watched interviews with Zelensky and many Ukrainians. I have seen numerous interviews from both sides. I want to cry when I see all the destroyed cities and ruined destinies. Each of us felt the tragedy of the increased number of Ukrainian refugees who appeared in all countries of the world. I have immense sympathy for Ukraine and its people. I sympathize with everyone who died in the war. I also rejoice when I see Ukraine’s success in returning its territories.

But I want to ask everyone who is also following the events and is worried about the further development of events — perhaps we should stop? After all, one day it will inevitably have to end this war, sooner or later. Why not now? If done now, it could save tens or hundreds of thousands of lives. I see journalists covering the events getting used to the deaths and killings and are now discussing vividly when the next offensive of the troops will take place.

I see how young freaks in different countries of the world attack young guys of different nationalities who fled the war with the question ‘Whose Crimea’? But the point is their anger towards other people and the desire to beat another person. And the question ‘whose Crimea’ is just a convenient premise for pouring out your hatred on another person. Just like raising prices instead of optimizing your business — it is very convenient to justify the war and do nothing.

And there are dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of such cases all over the world every day. War is not only killing people right now, war is causing widespread damage, giving you an excuse to break laws or vent your anger and hatred towards people, explaining it all as war. Girl raped in Germany? Because of the war. Denied a loan in the USA? Because of the war. Refused to help a friend? Because of the war!

And yet all of us, already accustomed to death and no longer paying attention to the death of people, all forgot about one more important thing. Hatred. Each death of a person gives rise to the unceasing hatred of his relatives and friends, his family, and his children. What is the coefficient of this hatred? One to five? One to ten? I don’t know. But this is not so important. Something else is important.

The important thing is that each new death gives rise to unceasing hatred exponentially. And everyone who now supports the continuation of the war contributes to its further incitement.

Each new death is not one point, as it seems to many, but five or ten points away from the implementation of their plans for the future. To return home to a refugee or Ukraine to join NATO. Create your own business or start reforming an entire industry. It doesn’t matter what exactly you are planning for the future, the important thing is that each death takes everyone away from their fulfillment by a multiple.

And we must remember this despite the understandable human desire to take revenge or return what is ours, despite the memories of dead friends or crippled relatives.

It must be remembered that each new death multiplies the number of people with pain similar to yours, multiplies the amount of hatred, and leads to further incitement of war.

Stop the war!

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APRIL, 06 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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