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The years of Covid have put many financial institutions in front of a reduction in financial flows associated with the shutdown of many businesses and layoffs of staff. An inevitable consequence of this process was an increase in the interest of financial institutions in cryptocurrencies.

The second powerful impetus for the development of the crypto industry was the desire of many companies to hide the growth of their income

from public opinion and, possibly, regulatory authorities. The use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs as digital shares of companies has led to a new influx of funds in crypto and has given financial institutions confirmation of the promise of investing in crypto.

One of the most heavily funded industries in crypto has been military technology. Investments in the militarization of any country in the world always have a very thin line between the forced need for investment in security and an invisible threshold, after which military investment itself becomes a catalyst for war. It is public control and the growth of public discontent associated with the super profits of companies involved in defense projects that have always been a natural limiter that prevents a dangerous situation of a possible increase in income as a catalyst and initiator of hostilities.

The departure of such companies into the shadow of crypto-currencies and crypto-investment has created a dangerous situation throughout the world of the endless militarization of society on the one hand and the super-profits of companies involved in the military technology supply chain on the other hand. World history, unfortunately, has repeatedly faced the consequences of such a process in the form of recession, inflation, the bankruptcy of financial institutions, and the need to spend the budgets of many countries on the storage and disposal of accumulated products that are useless for a peaceful life.

The number of such companies is huge, much more than it might seem at first glance to an uninitiated person. These are not only organizations directly involved in the industry, but also a wide range of companies that are indirectly related, such as robotics, etc.

The situation in the global economy is also aggravated by the widespread fraud associated with the crypto industry. The hidden redistribution of income in the defense industry, which is not taken into account by either social or pension services of countries around the world, has led to a dangerous distortion of data and disruption of the work of statistical institutions, the institution of financial sanctions and several other institutions, including world institutions.

The inflation parameters displayed by various statistical organizations are untrue today. Growing income inequality creates the preconditions for growing discontent in society and, as an inevitable consequence, an increase in the number of civil and military conflicts around the world.

The departure of numerous global multinational companies into the gray zone of the unregulated crypto market has created the conditions for the emergence of numerous companies created with the sole purpose of withdrawing funds from the economy, which use the gray zone to blackmail crypto exchanges to place unverified and unprofitable projects.

We can understand the scale of the ongoing cataclysm by tracing the behavior of these scammers. At the beginning of their activity, they bought out startup companies immediately after they entered the crypto exchange, but recently they began to publish incredibly cynical impudence projects that directly and do not involve generating income, which contradicts the very concept of business, but dozens of such projects are published daily.

The first step in the withdrawal of funds from the economy was the airdrop mechanism, which, under the guise of creating promotions for new companies, artificially inflated their value. However, this method requires time

and was replaced by a new method of ‘pledging’ some cryptocurrencies for others, a mechanism similar to the unlicensed issuance of loans and borrowings.

This made it possible, in a matter of weeks or days after the launch of a fake project, to gain access to cryptocurrencies secured by investments in real projects and instantly withdraw them to the cache.

Crypto exchanges have no motivation to check the projects that come to them. Perhaps the lack of competence also affects the lack of understanding of macroeconomics (the purposeful collapse of the economy is not considered by us). Fortunately, the banking system has the necessary knowledge and experience, but their silence and the absence of any analytics of the current situation on their part show insufficient motivation or involvement in the process (we do not consider an alternative option of targeted sabotage or lack of ideas to correct the situation).

The application we propose will allow returning payments for advertising expenses that have gone into cash in recent years, which will stimulate the restoration of the banking system by increasing non-cash payments.

This is what led to such a cynical and attitude toward the creation of a description of new projects placed on crypto exchanges.

The second factor for such a rapid growth of fake projects was the lack of a banal legal interpretation of cryptocurrencies and the delay in this process by the legislature. The owners of any corporation have a statutory obligation

to make a profit. The owners of crypto projects, given their current uncertain

status, are not required to make a profit at all.

At the moment, all over the world, new countries continue to be involved in the financial crypto storm, which modern history has not yet encountered. Individuals, including children and teenagers, companies, and financial institutions of entire countries are involved in deliberately unprofitable crypto projects until the whole world is in a hurry to regulate the crypto market and is fascinated by the war, the coverage of which has crossed the line and turned into its PR in the style of the most famous world novels dystopia.

After all of the above, it would be completely pale to mention that companies are also being harmed, including those financed in cryptocurrencies, that continue to create products and services that people need. However, their attempt to maintain their reputation and the normal functioning of their companies requires more and more efforts associated with a spasmodic and unpredictable increase in energy costs on the one hand and a drop in demand for goods and services on the other hand.

In an attempt to retain employees and business data, companies will also be motivated to turn to the crypto market, which will look like a lifeline for them, but in the end, will further accelerate the unpredictable and uncontrollable spiral of the fall of the global economy.

To stop the process of the fall of the world economy described above, the return of the purchasing power of the population, the equalization of incomes, and the removal of social tension, we propose the following solution. Urgently, within the next few days, it is necessary to stop the trading of companies directly or indirectly carrying out the withdrawal of funds from cryptocurrencies. The owners of these companies need to be allowed to return funds or invest in the new mobile application Aething we offer, which will allow the fastest and most gentle mode to ensure the further functioning of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, a small part of these companies still did not pursue fraudulent goals and were founded by teenagers who need to be given the opportunity to

further, develop their business skills.

It is necessary to introduce the legal concept of cryptocurrencies and the responsibility for managing them since it is well known that the so-called digital currencies are converted into fiat money within a couple of seconds and two clicks, which means they are a means of payment, regardless of their further legal interpretation. All companies involved in crypto funding must declare their income and the funding they receive. To prevent a market collapse, governments of various countries can apply

financial amnesty mechanisms.

To quickly equalize the income of the population, we propose to use the mechanism of the Aething advertising application developed by us, in which the business directly sends the payment and its advertisement to the user. Using this application will help quickly offset the negative effects of inflation, allow businesses to quickly receive user feedback, and increase confidence in the future for both citizens of all countries and businesses, which will stop the decline and create growth in the global economy.

Our proposed unified digital currency Aecash backed by investment to real estate will be used as a single means of payment, which will accelerate the adoption of technology in all countries of the world. Also, the funds of companies that provide services for the exchange and pledge of cryptocurrencies can be involved in the creation of this application.

Some of these companies did not intend to withdraw funds, but given that the qualification of their intentions had to be carried out before they were listed on the exchange, and this moment has long been missed, the solution we propose is the only viable solution that takes into account the interests of all market participants and prevents delays solution of this issue for years, which today the world economy simply does not have.

It is also worth noting that the launch of our application will create hundreds of millions of jobs around the world. It will make it possible in the future to regulate the incomes of the population much more quickly with the possibility of targeted state interventions in certain sectors, which is not provided by any financial instrument today. It will allow small businesses to actively develop without the need to obtain new loans and will enable state regulation without the need to lay off employees.

To prevent sabotage of the introduction of a new financial instrument by financial institutions, it is necessary to ensure their assistance in exchanging data for user verification. This verification will make it possible to carry out all the possibilities described above without the risk of creating a new fraud and repeating the unregulated expansion of technology with simultaneous attempts to develop it in different countries, which will inevitably lead to a delay in the process and new attempts at manipulation by both different countries and social groups. In the case of assistance from the financial world system and technology companies, the implementation of the described system can be carried out within a year.

The use of a single digital currency of the advertising market proposed by us will allow the application to be implemented as soon as possible due to the absence of the need for cross-border payments at the first stage, their further introduction will be carried out gradually in various countries as the project develops. Once again, we want to focus your attention

on the fact that the redistribution of existing advertising budgets of companies (from 8 to 15% according to the SBA) will revive small and medium-sized businesses due to the absence of new loans that burden them with extra responsibility and the ability to use funds received inside the application as start-up capital.

For other categories of citizens, for example, temporarily disabled, this will provide an opportunity to receive a guaranteed income

during the recovery period.

Also, the introduction of this application motivates the business to develop and make it more loyal to customers. It will reduce the time for businesses to test new services and products, which will also reduce the budgetary costs

of financing unprofitable projects by obtaining the fastest response from users and the ability to quickly make decisions.

The application functionality we offer will provide Mass Media and the self-employed in the field of creating news resources with the possibility of verifying copyright for publication and will create a new way of responsible dissemination of information. Motivates businesses to shift their interests towards creating retail products and services aimed at the individual, rather than the corporate sector, by obtaining an accurate result in the form of customer purchases as soon as possible.

And the last one. Everything described above is obtained from open sources, this situation has been created and grown over the years. Further, delay in resolving the issues described above threatens an economic recession that will drag on for years.

The decision must be made within days, not months or years since the fraudulent schemes described above have been accumulated and verified over the years, further delay in the decision can destroy the banking system and completely disavow the institution of business ownership.

So, for example, today it is no longer possible to accurately determine who owns and receives crypto dividends from defense industry companies. Given the accumulated experience of scammers who have been creating tools for withdrawing funds for years, the reaction to any changes on their part is measured not even in days, but in hours.

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03 March / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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