Why is your company no longer yours?

The mechanism for owning real property has been violated.

We have already analyzed how the involvement of financial companies
around the world in the crypto industry took place and only briefly mentioned that today the mechanism for owning real property has been violated. In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly how this happened.
The owners of any joint stock company are the owners of the shares of that company. And of course, nothing happened to this ownership mechanism (well, almost). But owning a company means owning some assets and, first of all, financial capital (earned by the company through decades of hard work or borrowed funds). If the company at some point loses its financial assets, then owning shares will not bring its owner anything but an additional headache.

Everyone will probably agree with this indisputable postulate, so we can move on to the next point.

I know the owner of such and such a company, he has never been involved in dubious transactions.’

Many of us can say this phrase and they will be right. But only in part. Anyone who has worked in a large company can confirm that the larger the company, the more different tasks its owner solves, and at some point, he is forced to delegate part of the tasks to his employees and partners.

We know many companies in which financial matters are handled by the financial director or CFO, depending on the country, his position may be called differently, but this does not change the fact that the finances of the company are managed by a person or a whole department, and not by the owner of the company. Therefore, no matter how sane the owner of the company is, most likely he has not decided for a long time where to invest the finances at his disposal.

Who decides these issues? CFO and financial department, investment department, related advisers, and analysts of banks and other financial structures. Some of them advise their clients where to invest, and some take on investment obligations, allowing clients to receive less profit, but generally removing the burden of this responsibility from the client. This is how many pension funds operate. So, the decision to invest goes quite far from the personality of the owner of the company and his personal and professional qualities.

In the previous article, we have already considered the fact that many financial institutions and banking organizations have invested in crypto. You can easily check this statement by writing a simple question to the support of any crypto exchange: do you have many bank customers?

Whether they invested clients’ money on their own or advised their clients’ staff to invest on their own is no longer important. Just ask your CFO if he has invested in crypto in recent years and if he can advise where to invest better. His answer will tell you much more than a holy belief in the identity of the owner of the company. Note that his answer may also depend on the recent two-fold fall in the price of Bitcoin, for example.

Well, in the end, maybe the assertion that the financial resources of many companies are trapped in the falling rate of crypto is justified, but in the end, crypto is secured in the amount of 105% of the invested funds. What is provided? How do you know this? Oh yes, from the news lately. But ask yourself a very simple and logical question — Why?

Why have news sources recently started talking about the security of crypto? Have any of you doubted this or even thought about this issue, believing that this is a process in which only teenagers are involved and it does not concern you? Most likely your answer will be “no”. You didn’t think and didn’t care. Then why write about it?

And finally, the very last question that we want to consider in this article.

‘They will figure it out and decide.’

Who are they? Are they government and financial institutions? The very ones who started advertising crypto on TV. It is unlikely that anyone reading this message watched the full hearing on “Crypto” in the US Congress. Indeed, for most financially literate people, knowing that this hearing took place is enough. And for the remaining eighty percent of people, it is enough that they have heard such a word.

Are they teenagers and programmers without higher education and understanding not only of macroeconomics but even understanding of what exactly they did and how it works? Will these people fix everything?
'They' today, unfortunately, do not know themselves to the end what happened. Neither one nor the other nor the third.

I, too, can only guess how it all happened. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one who understands the full scale of what is happening, some people are much more knowledgeable and have information. But regardless of their information or competencies, they face a dilemma, which can be briefly formulated as follows. To date, out of tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands, I don’t know) of launched crypto projects, it is impossible to distinguish fake projects from real ones. It is impossible for a thousand reasons, one of which may be that it is necessary to take into account not only the technical features of numerous projects but also the social status of their owners.

It is impossible to delay the decision for years because while this ringing silence continues, more and more companies are forced to get involved in crypto. It is also practically impossible to stop all projects and deprive their owners of invested funds. That is why the most appropriate way out of this situation is to jointly voluntarily invest all projects that can allow the withdrawal of funds from crypto into a single project that will allow their owners not to lose funds, but stop the turbulent river of the fund’s withdrawal.

The project is so large-scale that it will allow the implementation to involve the funds of numerous companies and will allow you to get the much-needed time now to find out the whole mechanism of crypto and its prevalence today. The Aething app is such a project. One of the greatest numbers of possible other projects.

But I am sure, the only project today that will help to take into account the interests of all participants, including the final beneficiaries of this project — People.

APRIL, 05 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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